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I Could've Been Sweet

Short • 2018
Role: Writer/Director/Designers
Genre: Horror, Comedy
A deranged holiday short commissioned for the Creepy Christmas Film Festival, hosted by Glass Eye Pix

A gingerbread man is denied a good life when a careless granny burns his batch and throws away his family’s charred bodies, leaving the bitter cookie hellbent on exacting revenge. 


Cast & Crew
Co-Written & Produced by Ben Fee
Cinematography by Andy Hoffman
Miniature Sets by Leighton Kelly
Props + FX by Ariana Carrera
Narration by Manuel Taylor-Alcocer
Score + Sound Design by Gustav Baller
Special Thanks to James Morales, Emily Andujar,
& Beck Underwood



‘I Could’ve Been Sweet’ displays strong confidence in everything from lighting to miniature set design. Come for the cookies, stay for the Bava-heavy reds and blues. • Dread Central

The Creepy Christmas Film Fest to unleash 25 original horror shorts • Entertainment Weekly