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Parched Dreams

Short | 2016 | IMDb
Role: Co-Writer/Director HA, with Angela Chen; Animation CA
Genre: Acid Western, Low Fantasy, Horror


A few twisted characters who, beyond their knowing, have stepped out of society into a sub-hallucinogenic alternate realm. In this strange land, a godforsaken housewife attempts to woo her dull lover, a deranged genie wreaks havoc, and an alien haunts a woman's nightmares.

Filmed on Super 8mm in Joshua Tree, CA


Cinematographer: Andy Hoffman
Editor: Winnie Cheung
Sound Design & Mix: Dan Rosato
Composer ("What's for Dinner?"): Uriah Findley
Composer ("Wishing You Well"): Gustav Baller
Composer ("Fear of a Female Planet"): Lauren Gurgiolo
Animator: Courtney Andujar

Princess Citizen/Bandito West: Angela Chen
Genie/Alien/Bandito East: Hillary Andujar
Madonna/Blue Man: Andy Hoffman


Official Selection: Alchemy Film Festival | Post Mortem International Horror & Bizarre Short Film Fest | New Filmmakers LA | Roxie Mixtape