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Pizza Witch

Commercial | 2017
Role: Writer/Director/Designers
For: Not A Cult

Pizza Witch Fortune Telling Cards are a modern take on divination, using themes from traditional tarot and references to pop culture, folklore, & daily life.


Cast & Crew
Executive Producer:  Not A Cult
Director of Photography:  Ben Fee
Gaffer:  Andy Hoffman
Set Decorator:  Ariana Campyloptera
Art Assistant:  Sophie Leininger
Editor:   Ben Fee
Sound Designer:  Gustav Baller
Pizza Witch Jingle:  Dan Rosato
Animator:  Courtney Andujar

The Girl:  Maritza Haller
Card (“Table for One”):  Helen Helfand
Card (“Slam Dunk”):  Ariana Campyloptera
Card (“Heart-Shaped Jacuzzi”):  Mickey Costello
Narrator:  Hollis Hart

Filmed at Scandinavia in Emeryville, CA