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Feature Film | 2022 * COMING SOON
Role: Writers, with Winnie Cheung
Directed by Winnie Cheung
Genre: Horror

I can make great art. 

             Patti Smith did it. 

    Lou Reed did it. 

I’m living in Chelsea Hotel. 

                I’m Basquiat.

        I’m a beautiful loser.

                    Just a kid.

I’m trapped in New York City.

    Art bursting through my veins.

            I’m breathing it.

    I’m shitting it.

           I’d starve for it.

        I’d squat for it.

                I’d die for it.

        Wouldn’t you?


During a winter-long residency in Brooklyn, ten obsessive female artists succumb to the darkness of their creative fascinations.

RESIDENCY is a genre-bending docu-horror feature shot and directed by filmmaker Winnie Cheung during the Locker Room’s second annual lockdown residency program.


RESIDENCY is produced by The Locker Room, a femme-owned creative house that comprises an art collective, a recording studio, and a gallery based in Brooklyn, New York.