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The Rainbow Bridge

Short (2024) 
Role: Production Designers 
Dir. Dimitri Simakis 
With Giphy Studios

At a clinic promising human-to-pet communication, Tina and her elderly dog MeeMoo uncover a bond between them so strong, it transcends time and space. 

Starring: Thu Tran, Fat Tony, Heather Lawless, James Urbaniak,
David Brown, Cricket Arrison 


Cinematographer:  Seannie Bryan
Costume Design:  Tracy Jarvis, Natalia Gattini 
Producers:  Suki-Rose, Michael Scott
Editors:  Dimitri Simakis, Zena Grey

Art Crew
Construction Coordinator:  Trevor Briggeman
Art Director:  Mary Florence Brown
Set Decorator:  Sunny Mills
Prop Master:  T. Marsh

Filmed in Los Angeles
World Premier at Sundance
Texas Premiere at SXSW

Behind-the-scenes photos
by Joel Barhamand and T. Marsh